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Thank you for visiting JC Economics Education Centre, an established tuition center that specializes in A-Level Economics Tuition in Singapore! You may have heard about us from your friends who have benefitted tremendously from JC Economics Education Centre’s program. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Mr Anthony Fok is the founder of JC Economics Education Centre, and the only Economics tutor at the helm of the tuition center. He is here to provide the best JC Economic tuition to all the students that come to him for help. He is here to be an inspiration and a role model to his students to comprehend and appreciate the subject. He achieves this goal by providing lessons that are not only effective but also engaging. Students can expect to enjoy tuition lessons and look forward to enlightening lessons. Attend lessons to find out what makes lessons at JC Economics Education Centre so wonderful! Find out more about how JC Economics Education Centre will help you unlock your potential and catapult your results.

Our Approach

Mr. Anthony Fok

takes a targeted approach to helping students improve their Economics grade. To put it simply, students need to absorb, accumulate and apply what they learn in JC Economics Education Centre.

  • Absorb

    Absorbing is the very first step. Students may have had boring Economics lessons in school or at other tuition classes, and are thus resistant to the knowledge imparted. At JC Economics Education Centre, Mr Anthony Fok is aware of the importance for the information to be understood and absorbed by students. His lessons are never boring as he uses his humourous nature to good use, keeping students entertained and engaged at the same time.

  • Accumulate

    Accumulating is the next step. Students must retain what they have learnt instead of rushing to re-memorise concepts and skills right before an important exam. This is why Mr Anthony Fok strives to reinforce concepts time and again so as to drill concepts and skills into students who may not otherwise revise them themselves. Students are thus able to build their long term memory and have a rock solid foundation which will make their learning curve less steep as they build on their past knowledge.

  • Apply

    Application is the last step and perhaps the hardest. Each tutorial and question is unlikely to ever repeat themselves. Students need to overcome their fear of the unknown and their bad habit of rote learning. This requires them to put on their thinking hats, to understand the requirements of the questions and case studies, and craft answers that show logic and fluency in thinking. Students must note the divergence between theory and reality and be able to reconcile them. This then requires a good understanding of reality, which is hard for students who are overly dependent on their lecture notes.

Our Tuition Centres are both located at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, next to Beauty World MRT Station, next to Bishan MRT Station and next to Tampines East Community Club.

Our Tuition Center

  • Values
  • Vision & Mission
  • Parents




First and foremost, results are prioritized at JC Economics Education Centre. We understand that this is what all students and parents want and expect out of tuition. Students are likely to see improvements once they attend lessons and benefit from the unique methodology adopted by Mr Anthony Fok. This methodology is results driven and exam oriented to maximize efficiency of learning.

Mr Anthony Fok also prides himself in being a caring tutor. Students are not only going to improve in the subject, they will also be supported mentally and psychologically. We often forget that students not only require help academically, but also in other areas. They need care and support so as to boost their confidence. JC Economics Education Centre thus seeks to provide care to students as well.

Tuition at JC Economics Education Centre will also be a kind of self-discovery for students. They will find out more about themselves along the way and understand where their passion lies, in Economics or otherwise. They will learn values like tenacity and perseverance as they struggle in their effort to improve in the subject. At the end of the journey, they can proudly say that they have given their very best and conquered themselves and the subject!


To help each every pupil become cognizant of the ingenuity of Economics and its relevance to their individual lives.


  • To bridge the gap between theory and real life

  • To nurture a lifelong passion for the subject

  • To expedite the learning process, making students proficient in the subject quickly and comfortably

Partnership with Parents

Parents have good reason to know whether their money is being put to good use. JC Economics Education Centre makes the effort to keep parents updated on their child’s progress. Communication between parents and tutor will ensure that the former can also support their child during the challenging preparation period for the examinations. Parents are welcome to ask the tutor any questions they have, ensuring transparency.

Our Tutor

Understanding, Inspiring, Dedicated

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

- William Arthur WardThe Story

Understanding the needs of his students forms the basis of Mr Anthony Fok’s methodology. He understands that each student is unique and thus takes the time to get to know each of them well. He does not teach as if every student faces the same set of problem and distinguishes them based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. This allows each student to receive help in a way that is most suited to his or her individual learning style.

An inspiring teacher is hard to come by. While he reminds his students that getting a good Economics grade are one of their top priority, he also stresses the importance of finding their passion for the subject itself, appreciating it for its beauty. He also inspires his students to discover themselves as they undergo their formative years as adolescents.  He shares his personal story and anecdotes to inspire his students to think more deeply about themselves as they try to construct their own identity.

Mr Anthony Fok is also particularly dedicated to his cause. He believes in doing what he loves with all the enthusiasm he can muster. He is in charge of every detail at JC Economics Education Centre, from preparation of notes to coming up with lesson plans. He is meticulous and a perfectionist, wanting nothing but the best for his students.

Our Students

“Mr Fok is a really caring and helpful teacher. Throughout the course of preparing for my A levels he was very supportive and answered any queries I had regarding any of the econs theories. He also took the trouble to prepare extra resources that were greatly beneficial in helping me in my understanding on various economic theories. Mr Fok guided me through the essay writing for econs which helped me clinch my A in econs. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an economics tutor.”

Lai Shu Min
Lai Shu Min, National Junior College

“I entered Mr Fok’s tuition in JC 2 after I did badly for my first test. Before going for his tuition I never fully grasped Economics and had always resented doing Economics. However, during lessons with Mr Fok, I became to grow more passionate on my subject as my grades slowly improved due to his engaging and highly entertaining classes. I enjoy going for each class as Mr Fok is truly a person who cares for his students and would go the distance to help out students even when it doesn’t call for it. Therefore I highly recommend going for his Economics tuition as he is not only an amazing educator but also a reliable friend.”

Rennes Lee
Rennes Lee, Jurong Junior College

“Mr Fok is a dedicated teacher who would go the extra mile to get resources (notes, test papers, etc) from almost all possible avenues. His lessons are enjoyable, making Economics seemingly easy to understand. Besides, he would tell jokes to keep the lessons interesting. But his jokes are not useless ones. In fact, they include current affairs that can be useful for other subjects such as GP! So it is a win-win situation! Most importantly, Mr Fok is more than just a teacher as he teaches us some important life skills. Thank you!”

May, Jurong Junior College

“Mr Fok was always an interesting, unique teacher during lessons. His dedication towards his students never fails to shine through. Despite being busy himself, he would always reply to the questions I have sent via phone, even if it was late at night. Thanks to his teaching and counsel, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my grades — I got an A in Economics. Mr Fok certainly knows the syllables well and will guide earnest students to their desired grades.”

Yu Jun
Yu Jun, Hwa Chong Institution

“An amazing teacher he is, Mr Fok is more like a friend to me who I can consult and truly respect! His lessons are never dull as he always injects humour into the class whenever the lessons start to get dry.. Most of the time, he will relate and apply economics concepts to what’s happening in real life to make me remember concepts much more easily! Also, his consultation times are not only limited to before or after lessons.. He always urges us to clarify questions through the phone whenever we have doubts and he would answer our questions almost immediately, even at the oddest hours. What makes him even more special is that he always teaches us things which are out of the book such as life skills which makes us better people and I will always remember those valuable things he has taught me!”

Yang Yu
Yang Yu, Catholic Junior College
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