The Story – Mr. Anthony Fok

Anthony FokMr Anthony Fok believes in pursuing his passion and this is the belief that has led him thus far in his education career. From an early age, he decided that education would be his passion. Although he attempted a different career – becoming a tax consultant for one of the Big Four audit firms – he returned to education because that was where his heart directed him to, where his passion really lies and where he would feel most in his skin. He decided to upgrade himself by equipping himself with a postgraduate diploma in education and a masters degree in education in order to become a more proficient teacher. This led him to teaching in mainstream Ministry of Education (MOE) schools where he was glad to be able to do what he was great at. He could plant seeds of knowledge in his students, shower them with care and watch them grow.

There is no question that teaching is Anthony’s passion, but he was not contented with his teaching job. He decided to take a leap of faith to try private tutoring instead. He realized that this arrangement suited him better – he could teach those students who desperately need help and from all junior colleges. This proved to be more challenging and thus more satisfying for Anthony Fok. He also enjoys the greater independence over his pedagogy, allowing him to develop his own unique learning materials and approach to Economics, which is suitable for his students.

Anthony Fok is happy where he is right now. What is certain is his burning desire to constantly make a difference in the lives of those under his guidance. What he wishes for most is for his students to flourish, and what he does in his capacity is to support and inspire

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