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Mr. Anthony Fok, the founder and sole tutor at, is a highly dedicated teacher who is committed to helping his students achieve academic excellence. He is always available to assist his students outside of lessons and provides additional resources to those who require them. Mr. Fok is highly qualified, having extensive experience mentoring students struggling with Economics and being well-versed with the syllabus. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Education and continuously refines his teaching methods to improve his students’ performance. began as a small group tuition center and has grown into a highly regarded tuition center due to Mr. Fok’s beliefs in his methods and principles. He is known as one of Singapore’s “super tutors,” as highlighted by The Sunday Times. Mr. Fok’s teaching is highly engaging as he uses real-life examples to stimulate students’ interest in Economics. He believes that when students see the relevance of Economics in their daily lives, they will appreciate and enjoy the subject more.’s teaching materials are meticulously designed and lessons are conducted personally by Mr. Fok to ensure the highest quality. The lessons are engaging, effective, and efficient, with the current MOE curriculum and assessment objectives serving as the basis of the curriculum. Lesson plans and programs are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure their effectiveness and relevance to the students’ needs. The center welcomes students of all abilities, with fast learners being given more work, and slower learners receiving additional assistance.

Mr. Fok’s engagement strategy ensures that students remain focused and attentive during lessons. He believes that teaching should be an act of engagement and uses real-life examples to make the subject relevant to the students. This approach has been highly effective in stimulating students’ interest in the subject and helping them achieve academic excellence.

In summary, Mr. Anthony Fok’s dedication to teaching and his highly engaging teaching style has enabled to become a highly regarded tuition center in Singapore. He is committed to ensuring that his students achieve academic excellence by providing them with the necessary resources, personalized attention, and a high-quality curriculum. His teaching approach is effective and efficient, ensuring that students of all abilities are catered to. With Mr. Fok’s guidance, students can develop a greater appreciation and understanding of Economics and achieve their academic goals.

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