How to do well on case study questions?

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This article provides some useful tips on how to do well on case study questions.

First, before reading the case study, students should read the questions. This will give them an advantage by allowing them to take note of relevant points as they read. This is especially important for questions with eight to ten marks, where students must identify enough points to earn all of the marks. By highlighting and marking the evidence they’ll need for brainstorming an answer, students can focus on writing instead of wasting valuable time searching for previous evidence.

Second, students should pay attention to the keywords in the questions. A question that asks students to “discuss” something will require a different answer than a question that asks them to “explain” it. For questions about trends, students should first discuss a general trend related to increases and decreases before highlighting any differences. Whenever possible, students should quote evidence to earn more marks.

Third, students must answer the questions accurately. While it may be tempting to provide more information than the question asks for, this can backfire. Students risk being marked down and losing points they could have earned by sticking to the question’s requirements. If the question asks for a specific piece of evidence, students should follow the instructions precisely.

Finally, students should attempt all of the questions. Leaving a question blank should only be a last resort, as students can always come back to it later. If they are unable to answer a question that only earns two to four marks, they should move on to the rest of the case study questions. They can always come back to tackle those questions later. If they don’t want to move on, they should answer the question to the best of their ability and move on, knowing they can come back to fix it later.

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